Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine

Designed for visitors of all ages, Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine presents technology in easy-to-understand terms with accessible games and hands-on interactives. In the exhibit, kids and adults explore what “smart machines” are and how they work. They also learn that the concept of man-made intelligence, popularized by Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” has been around for thousands of years.

Visitors will get to interact with numerous examples of practical AI: computers translating stories into different languages; an “intelligent piano player” that helps make any person sound like a virtuoso; a real-time AI “painter,” that creates real-time images of visitors in different classical art styles; applications that try to guess visitors’ emotions and ages; software that recognizes objects around it; and much more. The exhibit also shows how the human brain goes through the process of learning, and how that is different from trying to teach a machine to “think.”

Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine is a Touring Exhibition of the Relayer Group