miSci's Portable Planetarium

miSci’s StarLab Portable Planetarium brings the planetarium experience to your event. See the stars in our portable dome as you have never experienced them before!

Currently available shows include: 

Tonight’s Sky 

See the stars as they appear in the sky tonight! A miSci science communicator will point out easy-to-spot constellations, visible planets, the current moon phase, and discuss how the sky changes as we move through the year.

Plate Tectonics

See the changing Earth from inside of a globe. Learn how volcanoes, earthquakes, and moving tectonic plates shape our physical world and change the face of the Earth we live on.


Discover how the planet’s land masses are divided through geographical and political borders. Learn about the location of continents and how latitude and longitude pinpoint our place on Earth.

Story Time with the Constellations 

Geared toward our youngest budding astronomers, find out how ancient cultures connected their mythology to the stars. From Ursa Minor to the Big Dipper, these stories help us map our way through the night sky.

Constellations Through the Lens of Culture  

Throughout history, people have created and shared stories about the night sky. Explore Zodiac-inspired star lore, tales from Ancient Egypt, and other cultures across the globe.

Moon Phases 

The dance between the Earth and Moon has been going on for about 4.5 billion years. Learn about the phases of our nearest celestial neighbor and what is happening to the Moon as we view its changing face from Earth.

Shows are approximately 35 to 45 minutes long, with additional time required for entry and exit of groups.

miSci’s team will set up and break down the Portable Planetarium. All shows are presented by a trained miSci science communicator.

The Portable Planetarium can fit approximately 27 individuals, depending on size and age.

Venue Requirements:
-The Planetarium requires a minimum floor space of 21’ x 21’ and an 11.5’ ceiling clearance.
-Access to a nearby power outlet is required.
-An elevator or ramp may be needed for venues that require several stairs to access.
-The Portable Planetarium cannot be used outdoors.

1 Show: $350 
2 Shows: $425 
3 Shows: $500 
4 Shows: $575 
5 Shows: $650

Mileage is charged for all off-site programs.