Motorola (1928–2011), Motorola 9VT1 Television, 1949, Museum of Innovation and Science, Gift of Barbara and Ludwig Kleinschmitt,
miSci 2003.37. (Photo: miSci)

Motorola 9VT1 Television

Manufactured in 1949 and preserved in miSci’s collection is this Motorola 9VT1. At a bit over a foot wide, this tabletop TV has an eight-inch-wide screen and three knobs on the bottom left that control the volume, channel, and contrast. The standard tuner on these models was able to receive channels 2–13, and the unit is powered by electricity from a wall outlet. Sound was produced by a 5” speaker behind the fabric on the face of the unit. Electronics like this was still dependent on vacuum tube systems for control and amplification. The reference documents for this model television lists 16 separate tubes that all worked together to turn radio signals into sounds and pictures.