Let's Connect! Exploring Communication Technology

Let’s Connect! Exploring Communication Technology tells the incredible story of how people connect with innovative communication devices. This dynamic exhibition explores the efforts of human beings to move an ever-growing quantity of information faster and farther than ever before.

Highlights Include:

  • More than 25 interactives 
  • Five sections exploring key eras of communications development 
  • Profiles of innovators from around the world 
  • A fascinating collection of historical objects 
  • More than 40 contemporary broadcasts from miSci’s Archives 
  • A wide assortment of historical and contemporary images


SECTION ONE: Finding Our Voice
This section highlights humankind’s efforts to communicate before the availability of electricity through voice, writing, signaling, and more. 

SECTION TWO: Getting Wired
This section explores how innovators put electricity to work, and how control over electricity allowed information to move at nearly the speed of light, to wherever wires could be run. 

SECTION THREE: The Age of Broadcast
This section explores how broadcast radio upended human communications in the 1900s by using electronics to reach thousands at once without wires at all.

SECTION FOUR: Communication at Work
This section explores the jobs that use radio every day, from the amateurs that continue to experiment and push our limits, to the massive infrastructure that reaches out even into the void of space.

SECTION FIVE: Computers and Communication
This section looks at the rapid growth in computing power that makes our modern work possible and reveals how ancient innovations still have an impact on the way we use our devices today.



Communications and human society have gone hand in hand for thousands of years. Each new development changed how humans and information interact and fueled the demand for faster and farther forms of communication.Visitors to Let’s Connect! will learn about: 

  • Information Technologies and Instrumentation 
  • Waves: Light and Sound 
  • Defining Engineering Problems 
  • Systems and System Models 

Exhibition Specs

Target Audience

  • Students
  • Adults
  • School Groups

Space Requirements

  • 4,500 – 5,000 Square Feet

Support Material

  • Promotional Materials
  • Installation Guide
  • Education Guide
  • Accessibility Documents

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