Ground to Gourmet: Tracing the Origins of the Food We Love

Explore the captivating world of New York State’s food from Apples to Oysters and beyond. Ground to Gourmet takes a tour through the native and naturalized foods of New York, and the human interactions that led to their modern cultivation.

Highlights Include:

  • Interactive Maps of Where Food is Grown in NY
  • Amazing Historical and Archival Imagery
  • Fascinating Information About NY Food Traditions
  • 11 Interactive Stations
  • An AI Learning Co-Pilot with

Ground to Gourmet was designed through a partnership between miSci and the Schenectady County Historical Society, with the kind assistance of the Iroquois Museum. The Ground to Gourmet AI learning co-pilot is created by a partnership between miSci and Nowigence Inc.

Exhibition Specs

Target Audience

  • Students
  • Adults
  • School Groups

Exhibition Components

  • 11 Freestanding Interactive Modules
  • 3 Graphic Towers
  • Digital and Physical Interactive Activities

Space Requirements

  • 1,500 Square Feet

Support Material

  • Promotional Materials
  • Installation Guide
  • Accessibility Documents